Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good or Bad Egg....What is Your Egg-ness???

So like I promised....I've dusted off this neglected blog and I'm back baby!  Today we did one of the most meaningful Easter projects I've ever done....and you may have a chance to get it for FREE!  See the pictures below for details of the product.  I loved it most because they got to do an Easter egg glyph, but the writing component dealt with characteristics of what makes them a "good egg" or in real terms....a good person.  I was AMAZED as I read their "I'm a good egg because....." that went under their glyph so when they lifted up their finished glyph...their writing was underneath.

Click HERE or either of the pictures above to get this activity.

Now for the fun part....the first two people leave a comment with their email address will get this activity for FREE.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend and remember the real meaning of Easter along with all the fun Easter baskets, eggs, and candy :-)

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