Friday, February 27, 2015

Superbowl Sale & Special FREEBIES TOMORROW....if the HAWKS Win!

Here's to my new blogging debut (I've been a terrible blogger lately....but I'm get ready for a lot of ideas, freebies, giveaways, etc...). I have some new and fun ideas to implement on this come around often and tell your friends!
To kick off (no pun intended) my new and improved blog, I'm having a Superbowl Sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store (store's name is Stephanie Ann's TpT store) as well as my Teacher's Notebook Store (store's name is Sparkling in Kindergarten Teacher's Notebook store).  Another perk is that the Teacher's Notebook site is also kicking in their own 10% off using the promo code:  sb2015 .  This means with my 20% off of every item in my store added with the TN promo will save 30%!  Everybody (especially teachers I think) LOVES a get your shopping clicking fingers ready....and head on over to TpT or TN....and save, save, save!

Stephanie Ann's Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Living in Washington State my entire life and being a daddy's girl when I was young, I have watched football....especially the Seahawks my entire life.  I loved some of the Seahawks greatest legends....Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Jim name just a few.  I had all their newspaper articles taped to my bedroom wall and even wrote letters to Steve Largent and Jim Zorn on a regular basis.  The coolest thing was that they wrote me back, even answering some of my personal joke! They sent me signed pictures and memorabilia...anything a crushing girl fan could have ever wanted.  I went to a Christian school at the time and questioned them about their beliefs and their love of God just made me "crush" even deeper. I'm A LOT older than the crushing teenager, but am still a devout football fan...especially the Hawks of course.  So.....not only am I offering everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers & Teacher's Notebook Stores at a 20% off discount until tomorrow at midnight....

AND....if...and only if the Seahawks win their second Superbowl in a row tomorrow.....I will be offereing some flash freebies of some of my most popular TpT items at different intervals throughout the day....each hour or two....something else will be free...yet only for a very limited amount of time.....BUT...only if they win!

So make sure to come back to my blog, Sparkling in Kindergarten, tomorrow (February 2, 2015) and join in on the fun.  

Have a "SUPER (bowl)" Day!

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