Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm Back & Ready to Blog it Up - September Currently - & a FREEBIE

I have taken a little blog hiatus for a couple of months as I've had a lot going on.  I'm actually extremely sad because according to my doctor, I'm not well enough to teach yet and am taking a medical leave of absence until January to get my health back in check.  It's taken a lot of doctor appointments and hospital stays, but she thinks if I "lay low" I should be able to go back in January (but being constantly monitored).  I'm sad because I miss the hustle and bustle of the first few weeks of school and that connection you form with your kiddos; however, this is giving me some time to work on some products I've been wanting to make for a while now and since I have to sit on the couch or lay in bed most days.....this is the perfect time to get caught up.  I'm also creating a blogging schedule so that my blogs aren't so random.  I should have the schedule finished for the month of September by the weekend, so I'll share it with you then.
So while I'm "laid up", if you have an requests you would like me to make for you....I'd be glad to make them for you if you would like.  I've taught kindergarten, second, third, and fourth grades so I'm kind of a "jack of all trades" and am familiar with the CCSS at each feel free to contact me if you need anything in particular, but don't have the time.  

And now, I'm linking up with the amazing Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for.....

September Currently

Here's the blank version as well so you can create your own.

And.....Remember the Rules of Participating in this linky party which are defined here in this poster.  It really helps us all to get to know people and blogs we might never have known about so definitely follow the rules!  You can click on my September Currently to take you to Farley's site to link up.

Oh my!  I almost forgot my freebie!  I use this as a bathroom checkout for students and it works wonderfully!  It comes in two versions and is editable as well.  I hope you enjoy it!  And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  Click picture or HERE to download.

Where Am I?....Posters in Two Versions & Both Editable
Hope you have a great Thursday and remember....if you need a product done and you just don't have time....I have all the time in the world to help you out!


  1. I found your blog through Farley's Currently. I'm so sorry to hear that you are on medical leave. I know how hard it is to lay low, I had to do that the last few weeks of my pregnancy at the end of the school year last year. Hoping and praying you feel better soon!

    1. You are SO sweet! Thank you for your kind will all be ok. I feel fine, it's just my blood pressure is through the roof (like my highest one was 306/202). That's a deadly reading and had a few mini strokes when it has hit those levels so hopefully we'll get it under control soon and I'll be back with my kinders :) I do appreciate your kindness and if you have a product that you need to do, but don't have time to create it....I'm happy to work on it for you. Just let me know!

      Stephanie Ann
      Stephanie Ann (TpT Store

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I am praying for your health to continue to improve. I am excited to be on this blog and tpt journey and meeting and connecting with other teachers. Looking forward to chatting with you soon. Take care.

    Kindergarten To The Core


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