Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hand Signals Freebie

Sooo busy today but wanted to give you a little freebie while I had a minute.  Here are some hand signal signs to use in your classroom.  I added pictures for my kindergarteners. Click on the picture to download. Hope you can use them!
Have a good one :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pete the Cat Activities & Decor Freebies

This being my first year teaching kindergarten....I'm starting to stress!  You know the first day of school dreams...yep...already having them!  I know I'm going to lose one of these little guys or they will be hanging from the ceiling when the principal walks in!  There's so many procedures for kinders to get used to....ahhhhhh!!!!  I'm trying to focus on my first week.  I wanted some kind of theme and the more I thought about it...I've never got to do any Pete the Cat stuff because the upper grades were "too cool" for that so....I'm doing Pete the Cat activities and centers the first week or two.  I have tons of stuff together.  If you're looking for Pete the Cat things just go to Pinterest and search it...there's tons of good stuff!  I found tons of center activities on Making Learning Fun if you're interested. This is going to be my door display...

dead pin
I'm going to put different color of shoes all around it with each student's name.

 Of course there were some things I wanted that I couldn't find so I decided to make some random things....

If you want any of these just click on the name below and you can download it via my dropbox.

Have a great day

Monday, July 22, 2013

Advice for New Teachers & a Back to School Freebie

I'm linking up with Mrs. Reed from Flying into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party.

This week's topic is Advice for New Teachers!

Buy...comfortable clothes and shoes.  Now don't get me wrong...I love my heels and cute dresses but be prepared to stand all day, sit on the floor with the kids, & kneel on the floor to help your students.  

Always....over plan!  It's so much better to over plan than to under plan.  There's nothing more stressful than not having something to do....that's when they'll eat you alive :) 

Never....over react.  Keep things in perspective with students, staff, and parents.  It will all be ok.

Find.....a mentor.  You need someone to share with you the "tricks of the trade".  I've been teaching for 18 years but this will be my first year teaching kindergarten so I will definitely need someone to take me under their wing for a year or so.  They've been through listen to their advice.

Make....time for yourself.  I can get completely obsessed and work many long hours at home and in the classroom.  Make sure to still do things with friends and will make you a better teacher in the long run.

Be....flexible.  Sometimes your lessons will just comes with the territory.  Learn from it and move on:) 

Now for a quick freebie.  This idea has been on Pinterest a lot so I decided to make a printable to go with it.  I can't seem to find the pin now but you get a baggie and fill it with sweedish fish or fishy crackers and use this printable for the topper.  I think this will be cute for my kindergartners on the first day.  I made one for kindergarten through third grade.  Just click one of the pictures to download.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Alphabet Chart Freebie

Well....I got two new kittens and came home to find one sitting on my laptop keyboard. computer won't work!  I'm going crazy not being able to create anything...I'm using my school computer right now but the PowerPoint on this bites so I guess I need to find someone to fix my computer...I hope it's not ruined as I just bought it in April!
Before it stopped working, I made this quick Alphabet Chart for kids to keep with them in a folder or just at their desk somewhere.  Click on the picture to download if you would like.

So hopefully I'll be back soon with a working computer and some more freebies for you!  Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Everything Polka Dots!'s 4am and I'm just finishing my Everything Polka Dots Classroom Posters & Signs Pack!  I hope you do this too....I get so into what I'm doing that I don't realize the time.  It's already getting light outside.  I guess it doesn't matter since I slept in yesterday until almost 11:00!  I felt like a teenager again.  Here are a couple previews of the product.

This 153 page file has everything you need to decorate your room. Polka Dots are on all of the pages in the colors of pink, green, purple, yellow, blue, and orange. It also includes.....

-168 classroom supply labels with blanks of each color-
-Table Numbers (big and small) with blanks in each color of both-
-Student Deskplates with alphabet, numbers to 30, colors, shapes, coins & values, place value to hundreds-
-Months of the year posters with blanks of each color-
-Months of the year cards for calendar with blanks of each color-
-Calendar Activities for Number of the Day (number of the day, yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be, tally marks, place value, odd or even, expanded form, word form, days in school, piggy bank, and daily pattern-
-bathroom passes-
-Where Are We? Posters for classroom door - includes art, computer lab, assembly, library, lunch, field trip, recess, music, do not disturb...we are testing, PE, at the bus, and we are learning with blanks of each color-
-Daily Schedule Cards with subject, blank clock and a spot for the digital time...includes a blank in each color-
-blank with polka dots big squares and little squares for whatever you need-

These come with adorable clipart by Ashley Hughes, Scrappin Doodles, Krista Walden at Creative Clips, Cutesy Clickables, and new fonts by Cara Carroll.  

I'm working on a little freebie for you too.  If I get it done today...I'll post again or I'll save it for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Poem Magnet Freebie

I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest but it had no printable with it so I decided that I had to make some.

You send this magnet home with the child the first day of school so they can put it on their refrigerator to hang things they are proud of at home on.  I made one for Kindergarten through Fifth grades.  Just click on the picture below to grab your free copy.

I hope you can get some use out of's such a cute idea!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Optimum Organization Freebie

Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files and Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B for....

I've always stressed about keeping track of my students.....God forbid I lose one of them! (Please say you fear this too or I may be just overprotective nuts :)  So as I move down to teach kindergarten, I really have my guard up.  So....I made a Where Are You chart.  

I put a magnet with the number (or name) of each student. When they go to the bathroom, office, nurse, or other they take their number (or name) and put it on the spot where they are going. You will need to the magnets on back of each square so the magnets stick but you can still see the number (or name). Then when we have to go on a fire drill or I can't find a kid, I can easily check the chart to see who is out of the room and where they are. As I teach kindergarten this year, I plan to put the child’s name in each square instead of use their number because I think they might get confused with the number system… I left one chart edible for you to put what name you would like. All you should have to do is click in each box, it should be formatted and ready to go….Enjoy!

Giveaway News
Head on over to Learning 4 Keeps for a HUGE and I mean HUGE giveaway....lots of great stuff!

Also...Kimberly Ann at Live, Laugh, I Love Kindergarten is having her 500 follower giveaway.....

Now time for the pool!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Favorite Pin Friday Linky Party

I'm linking up with the incredible Cara Carroll from First Grade Parade. I was a day late because I struggled to narrow down my favorite pins..... I love them all.  If you haven't seen Cara's have to take a look HERE.  I use them all the time! Click the linky button below if you would like to link up too

My first pin is pretty simple but I pinned it to remind myself to go to the paint store and get paint sticks.  I really want to try this in kindergarten....I feel a product coming your way!

Click Picture for Source

We have a district wide citizenship (discipline) program called Make Your Day.  It works well but I thought I'd try this "Gold Ticket" idea to reinforce positive behavior as well.

Click Picture for Source

I just thought this was a cute idea...the colors look so bright and cheery in these bottles.

I also l-o-v-e Pete the Cat.  I found this cute little Craftivity to go with Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.

I'm not the greatest cook in the world.  This recipe looks so good and easy enough for me to try....maybe tonight!

Click Picture for Source

I am an ice cream feind!  This next pin was right up my alley...I would love to make those mini baked alaskas.

Click Picture for Source

Love this idea because I actually have this dress in coral and in black but I can't wear them to school because they're too short.  I'm now on the lookout for one of these "ruffle slips".  Let me know if you find one!

I just thought this next one is adorable!

Click Picture for Source

One last thing that I really NEED to do!

Click Picture for Source

I also just finished a new product (at about 3am).  I just get so into something I'm creating that I can't possibly go to sleep. This 236 page product is  4 Activities in 1 Make a CVC Word and Letter Tile Kit.  It comes with a color as well as an identical black and white version.  There are 4 sets of CVC word cards. Each set of cards comes in a color and black in white version and each focuses on a different skill.

Set 1: All 3 letters are missing in a CVC word with a picture. Children need to determine the sounds and place the corresponding letter tiles (or write with a dry erase marker) in each box on their card.

Set 2: Vowel sounds are missing in a CVC word with a picture. Children pick letter tiles to fill in the miss vowel space in their card.

Set 3: Beginning sounds are missing in a CVC word with a picture. Children pick letter tiles to fill in the missing beginning sound space on their card.

Set 4: Ending sounds are missing in a CVC word with a picture. Children pick letter tiles to fill in the missing ending sound space on their card.

Children need to match all three letter sounds with their letter tiles (included)

Children need to fill in the tile of the medial vowel sound

Children need to fill in the tile of the missing beginning sound.

Children need to fill in the tile with the missing ending sound
I was looking at Lakeshore Learning and Really Good Stuff and for just one of these games it was at least $15...if not more!  I knew I could just make them myself and as I kept working and made 4 different sets because I knew I needed all 4.  This just saved me some I loved doing it!  Now if my printer would quit jamming...I could get it all printed and ready to roll.

Have a great Saturday....I think it's a pool day today :) 

Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Run M.A.T.H Workshop and a Friday Freebie

I have created 3 different M.A.T.H Workshop Board with a How to Get Started Pack.  Today I thought I'd talk about how I run my M.A.T.H Workshop and/or plan to run my M.A.T.H workshop in Kindergarten.  I dabbled with this last year and would like it fully implemented in my Kindergarten class.

I made the boards to have four workshop stations following the M.A.T.H acronym.
M = Math Facts
A = At Your Seat
T = Teacher's Choice
H = Hand's On

I explain a lot of the organization of this in the product.  If you're interested in checking these out click the picture of the board you like.

This will be my pre-assessment days.  I will pre-assess the kiddos and determine groups for the week.  I will also do a whole group lesson on the concept and I will explain the activities in all the centers for the week.

I will do a 10-15 minute mini lesson each day followed by (at first) 10 minute center rotations getting through all the stations every day.  As kindergarteners become more independent, I will probably make the rotation time longer and only get to two rotations a day.  So maybe Tue. and Th. a student will get to do Math Facts and At Your Seat and Wed. and Fri that same student will participate in Teacher's Choice and Hands On.  I'd like to include a post assessment of Fridays as well.

I hope this makes sense to you as to how I'd run my M.A.T.H workshop.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.... All the organizational aspects of this program are in the product if you purchase it.

Now I'm going to change gears and link up for the first time with Teaching Blog Addicts for...

As I get ready for back to school I wanted to make my own name tags this year and sort of have a polka dot/chevron/chalkboard theme going on my classroom so I made these cute name tags for the primary grades.  The only thing is that you have to use one of the white (or any other color for that matter) chalkboard markers to write the name because it's on the black chalkboard and won't show up in black.  I hope you can use this for your classroom.  Just click on the pictures below to download.

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Freebie & Linky Party

Happy early fourth to you all!  We spent these last 100 degree days at the pool for a well needed break.  I actually took a former student there today to play with my cute they were!

So I'm ready to hit the sack but I just finished a quick little freebie for you.  It's a back to school welcome banner in a cute little apple theme.  Click one of the pictures below to take you to my TpT store for your free banner.

It includes the words "Welcome to.....Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade"

Have a safe and happy 4th of July and Remember to....

Teaching Units Including Many Free Items