Monday, October 7, 2013

October Giveaway with a Freebie

Wow!  What a busy...but great day :)  As you know I transferred schools this year as well as grade levels.  I can't tell you how nice it is to love going to work every day!  I now look forward to each and every day along with the surprises and challenges each day may bring.....what a great feeling!  I'm completely and totally in love with my kindergarteners....they have stolen my heart!  My principal and I were joking about my "high energy" today....kindergarten is my best excuse to just jump into song and dance and they don't think I'm nuts :) fact...they join in!  Don't get me wrong...kindergarten is the most difficult grade ever and I've never worked so hard (bless you long term kindergarten teachers:) but I've never enjoyed teaching more.
We progress monitored my "yellow and red" kids in Dibels today and every single one of them went up in levels....Yipee!  All that hard work is paying off.  Now that back to school activities are coming to an end and fall/Halloween is drawing near, I stayed up until the wee hours of the night last night to finish my 

Included are the following activities:
-Number, Number Word, Tallies, Tens Frames, and Pictures Match -1-20 (Halloween Themed)-
-Beginning Sounds Clothespin Wheels (Halloween Themed)-
-Pocket Chart and Emergent Reader (sight words is & a –Fire Safety Themed)-
-Spin and Graph (Fire Safety Themed)-
-Tens Frames/Number Match-1-20 (Fire Safety Themed)-
-Beginning Sounds Pictures and Letters Match (Fire Safety Themed)-
-Capital Letter, Lowercase Letter, and Picture Puzzles (Halloween Themed)-
-Pocket Chart (sequencing) and Mini Books (Halloween Themed)-

I love doing center activities and sorts BUT I'm a little of a control freak and like to have some sort of record of what they did during their time there SO.....I've included differentiated response sheets that go with each of the activities in this product.  After all....I have some kiddos who know all their letters and their sounds so they can do a more difficult response sheet than those students who don't know very many letters and sounds.  These kids will get a response sheet with more support.

I'm going to start these with the kids tomorrow.  I've been pumping them up about them so they are more than ready.  Next week we have conferences and these are the perfect centers/activities for students to be involved in while I'm assessing individual students for data for the parents.  I don't feel comfortable just letting them do something that is not the best thing for their learning so I tried to customize these according to the standards we are working on right now....they're just a fun way of practicing these skills.

Another thing I've been working on is Letter Activities for all letters of the Alphabet.  They are activities I've been using with each letter we have studied so far.  I believed they were working great but I wanted to wait until after progress monitoring today to make sure I was making the necessary gains using these activities.  Thank goodness they seem to be working so here are the two I've published so far.  I'm just fine tuning the rest of the Alphabet but they should all be finished by the end of this week.

Each Letter Activity Pack Includes:
-letter formation practice page-
-rainbow write-
-playdough page to use with playdough snakes or use as a torn paper collage if you don't want to get out the playdough....I've done both ideas and they work well-
-beginning sound picture sort-
-capital and lowercase sort-
-letter mini book for students to keep in their book boxes-
-beginning sound craft picture sort-
(Ll includes a crown headband with letter Ll pictures)
(Ii includes a bracelet with letter Ii pictures)
-beginning sound letter or not the letter sort (To Use as a Center)-

Click link below for a preview of each of the activities

Last but not least.  We're STILL working on names!  Most of them can at least write their name so now it's my chance to teach them how to write it correctly (instead of all capitals, or letters turned around...or left out).  So I just whipped up this quick name writing practice that has a spot for me to write their name correctly and a spot for them try it out.  I had some more space on the page so I also included a spot for them to do their BEST drawing and a spot for their BEST coloring.  I plan to show these to parents at conferences so they know how we are practicing their name as well as ideas of how they can help their child coloring in the lines, not coloring things all one color, etc...  
If you would like to use this, feel free to click on the picture below to download it from dropbox.

One last thing....I think I need to give some products away!  So...for the first five people to comment AND include their email address, I will send you one of these three products for FREE.  So....remember to leave your email as well as the product of your choice in the comment.

Thank you for being patient with me as my journey with blogging and kindergarten continues.  I will see you tomorrow with some discussion about Daily 5 and a Shape Freebie!


  1. Love your packs! Jealous of your high energy! Almost 50 and taught K for 26 years!
    Have a great day!

  2. I love all your packs!!!

  3. I love the October Differentiated Math & Literacy Centers or Early Finisher Activities.

  4. I love these packs! I would love to use the letter "Ll" activity packs with my kindergarteners!

  5. These are all adorable! I would love any of them! Great job


  6. Ok I decided I did have a favorite. I checked out the October Differentiated Math & Literacy Centers or Early Finisher Activities on TPT and they are wonderful! I had to pin all of them as well because I wanted to share. Great job on everything!


  7. I just started teaching kindergarten last january...and its AMAZING! So glad I'm not the only one that is totally in love with the grade level! Your units look great!

    Katelin's Kreative Kindergarten

  8. These are awesome!!!! I would love a copy of the October Differentiated Math & Literacy Centers or Early Finisher Activities.


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