Sunday, October 13, 2013

All Sorts of Sorts & a HUGE Sale & a Giveaway!

First things first.....Tpt hit 100,000 followers on Facebook so they are having a 10% off Flash Sale using the code FB100K.  So I decided to kick in my own sale of 20% off.....that is 30% off all my products in my TpT store!  I can't wait to go shopping myself :) 

If any of you have been to my TpT store, you know I love a good sort activity.  One reason I like them so much is that they're easy to explain to the kids.  After the first couple of sorts, kids know how to do it so I don't waste a lot of time explaining how to do an activity.  I use them  a lot during Daily 5 word work.  

We've been super focused on letters and sounds as a lot of my students didn't even know one letter or sound coming into kindergarten....I'm sure you can relate.  So for word work and early finisher activities, they've been working on Beginning Sound Sorts.  Here are the ones I've been actually beg to do these!  I put my sorts  in a tupperware container in my Word Work center.  I do not start with all of them in one container....that would overload most of them.  We learn 2-3 letters per week and I put them in the bag as we learn them.  Once I get about 6-8 in the bag, I divide them into two bags, and so on....  I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the kids doing these tomorrow.

Beginning Sounds Sort
Beginning Sounds Ice Cream Sort
Beginning Sounds Bubble Gum Sort
Beginning Sounds using paint stir sticks......this is definitely the most popular with my kids
Now of course some of my kids know most of their letters and sounds and are ready to start to put the sounds together to exciting :)  The following sort is a popular one in my classroom because they love to either get the letter tiles out or use a "special pen" (dry erase marker) to fill in the blank spaces.  In this sort there are 4 different kinds of differentiated cards:
-missing all three cvc letters-
-missing medial cvc letter-
-missing initial cvc letter-
-missing ending cvc letter-
There are 112 of each card in color as well as black and white. This file is a big one but definitely worth the laminating and cutting.  I have a parent cutting mine out at home.....score!

Differentiated CVC Letter Tile Activity

By using all of these, my students are really understanding isolating the beginning sounds of words.  While we were going over our phonemes, I realized that they were really struggling with hearing the ending sounds in words.  For Dibels they have to differentiate the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in cvc words so this concept is important.  So I've been working on an Isolating Ending Sounds sort.  I want to ending sounds before introducing the medial sounds as this is the most difficult for them.  Here are two new products that teach isolating the ending sounds of words.

Isolating Ending Sounds Sort (CCSS)
This sort contains 15 different mats with 4 cards per mat.  There's a picture in the middle of the mat.  The objective is to find 4 cards that match the ending sound of the picture in the middle.  I know how busy we all are this time of year so this activity is super easy to prepare. The mats don't even need to be cut and the cards are all straight lines and can be cut with a paper cutter.  

Lastly, I had to do something Halloween because my kids are all over it!  So because I'm working on ending sounds, my Halloween center does as well. 

Now for the giveaway....the first three people to leave a comment will get one of the above activities for free.  Remember to include which product you would like and your email address!

Hope you all get a lot of goodies at the TpT sale!  Adios 


  1. Wow! What neat products!! I absolutely love all of them, but if I had to just choose one, it'd be the words with missing letters. I also like the ending sound one too. Thanks for offering one for free. The others are going on my wish list!!

    Shifting Teacher K-2

  2. I love the Differentiated CVC Letter Tile. Some of my students are starting to read cvc words and they are ESL students. This is the earliest that it has happened in my class.

  3. I was going to look at your TPT store to pick out a sorting pack and saw this!!
    I love the Differentiated CVC Letter Tile pack.


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