Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Optimum Organization Linky

These posts will be a plenty this summer as I transition to kindergarten and move schools and classrooms.  Luckily my new classroom is HUGE.  It was built to be a "kindergarten" room so it's about twice the size of my room exciting!  The only dilemma is that our principal doesn't want us in the building during July (we don't start until September).  It's really a sweet idea though....he just wants us to get some rest and he knows how we teachers are about our classrooms!  So....I'll be making things at home this summer then in August I'll haul it back to the classroom and get my organization on!  
In preparing for my big move, I got a bunch of large colored bins that I am putting all my monthly materials in.  This way I can just grab down my bin for the month and all my decorations, binders, units, and lessons will be in it.  But I couldn't do this without some cutesy labels!


All Months in my "pit" of a the room I'm moving out of.


March close-up

May close-up

If you would like these labels click HERE for a free download.

Stay tuned for my next organizational attempt next week (when I'll finally be out of school)!

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  1. Hello Stephanie! :)
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog recently! :) I'm so glad that I came over to visit you today! I am looking at organizing my resources differently and this was a really great post with a cute freebie attached as well! :) From reading your bio, and the post,I'm assuming you're moving from third to kinder? Third was my favorite too...and now I'm in first. It's neat that we have that in common! :0) Moving from intermediate to primary! :) I've transitioned well though and really fell in love with my firsties, as I'm sure you will do with your kinders! Have a wonderful summer off! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade


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