Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flash Sale Sunday and a Currently

With Thanks to Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade July's Currently is up and running.  Remember to "show some love" and visit some blogs before your link and after your link and after your link.  This is such a great way to way to meet new people and find new blogs. is the last day of Google Reader. So remember to follow your favorite blogs using Bloglovin.  You can follow mine by clicking the picture below.  
I'm also hosting a giveaway that ends at midnight tonight.  I'm giving away any TEN items from my TpT Store!!!
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I'm so excited....I just won Wolfelicious' bloglovin linky giveawy.  Seriously...EVERYONE tells me how unlucky I am.  It's kind of a joke because I never win anything.  Well luck must be a changin' because I won a huge Starbucks basket at my daughter's dance recital and today....Wolfelicious' giveaway!  I'm on a roll....let's go to Vegas!  So in honor of my "luckiness"....I decided to throw a sale at my TpT store. Click the button below and go shopping....there's a few new goodies there for you...freebies too!

Well I can't get my button to link so visit HERE for my Flash Freebie Sale!

Lastly...da..ta..daaaa...July's Currently.  

Have a great day.....see you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bloglovin Big Giveaway....Hurry Ends Soon!

I guess I'm a little late for this but it's been so nice here...we've been at the pool most of the day...don't you love summer.  Tuesday we're going to our favorite place on the river about a half and hour away from are pumped already.  So BlogLovin......I don't really know the ins and outs...alll I can tell you is that the way you get my blog posts are going away so unless you sign up with blogloving....I will not hear from you as much...and you'll miss out on all the fun stuff and freebies......especially this year with kindergarten.  You may want to sign up just for laughs to see me struggle through my first year with kindergarteners!  I know I only have a day....but I just saw this giveaway linky...
Collaboration Cuties were smart enough to plan a giveaway linky! I just love those girls! 

 So in honor of this giveaway...join the rafflecopter below and you'll be in the running for 10 free items from my TpT choose...I don't care the cost!

So go make your wish lists or put items in your cart!

Thank you for being such fun followers...I've really made some good friendships and look forward to many more as this journey continues.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bloglovin Geveaway

Click on the picture below to follow me on blogloving (the new Google Reader).  Google Reader goes away July 1st so Bloglovin is the only way to follow Sparkling in Kindergarten from then hurry.

As my appreciation for following me on Bloglovin.  I would like to give away 10 FREE Items from my TpT Store.  Please enter the rafflecopter below and go make your wishlists!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flash Freebie!

I have 20 more followers to get to 300...if you want to join in on the fun and donate would be greatly appreciated.  Just fill out the form at the bottom of this post.  By donating it will also take people who are entering the giveaway to your blog and TpT store so you will have new followers as's a win/win situation.  And I almost forgot...just for donating I would like you to email me or leave me a comment telling me which product you would like (for free) from my store.  That's my thank you for helping me out and helping me survive this tough year!  Now for the FLASH FREEBIE!

I have made two new products in the last few days.  I had a little stay for a few days after school got out for a hypertensive crisis (super high uncontrolled blood pressure) so I was REALLY bored and I started three fun units and finished them yesterday and today.  The first one is my Chevron M.A.T.H Workshop Board & How to Get Started Pack.  


This is probably one of my favorite products yet! It was fun to make, it's functional, you can easily differentiate, and it's adorable....I hope you like it as much as I do. 

M.A.T.H Workshop includes these four stations:

M=Math Facts
A=At Your Seat
T=Teacher Choice (I usually do guided math groups but you 
can make it work for you)
H=Hands On

Make sure to check out the PREVIEW of this product! It really shows you a snapshot of what the M.A.T.H Workshop Board will look like as well as gives you a glimpse of the organizational and startup tips. includes FIVE FREE I-CHART POSTERS! I run my M.A.T.H Workshop like my Daily 5 so I (Independent) Charts are a must. One of the free charts is a Clean Up Routine I-Chart.

This unit includes:
-everything you need for your M.A.T.H Workshop board. All you need to do is copy, cut, laminate, and hang pocket charts or anything to's all included here.
-sample board so you know exactly how to set it up-
-pictures of a M.A.T.H Workshop board all set up-
-organizing your materials-
-ideas for activities to use for each work station-
-directions on how to get it started and how students know what to do during each station (it runs so'll be amazed)-
-how to set up groups using formative assessments-
-teacher choice station gives you the option of differentiating and running a Guided Math Group-
-I-CHARTS for each station (creates independence in students)-
-an I-CHART for the Clean Up Routine after each station-
-weekly M.A.T.H organizing template (CCSS included)-

Please see the preview and get your freebie I-Charts. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or possible suggestions for another theme besides chevron...I'd be glad to try to make it for you if possible.

My second product is a Chalkboard Inspired Classroom Posters Pack.

This classroom poster pack includes....
-Alphabet posters in print with lines and adorable pictures to go with each letter (includes upper and lower case)-
-Alphabet posters in cursive with lines and adorable pictures to go with each letter (includes upper and lower case)-
-Numbers 1-20 posters with ten frames-
-Shape posters (shapes included are....square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, circle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, trapezoid, triangle, and octagon)-
-Welcome to.......kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade Banner (Bunting)-
-A-Z word wall headers with blanks for your choice-

I hope you enjoy this product! Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions....I'd be happy to help you.

Finally my third product!  I've really been into chalkboard prints and frames lately so this is another chalkboard product.

These Chalkboard Inspired Daily Schedule Cards are going to be your lifesaver! These cards include.....

87 school day activities (listed below)
Months of the Year
Days of the Week
Digital and Analog Clocks 
Banner that says "Daily Schedule"

Daily Schedule Cards include....

language arts
daily 5
daily 3
song time
reading workshop
read aloud
morning meeting
writing workshop
social studies
math workshop
silent reading
writer’s workshop
reader’s workshop
brain break
daily schedule
fun Friday
word work
buddy read
math journals
morning work
field trip
tech lab
goodbye meeting
clean up
read to someone
read to self
work on writing
reading groups
listen to reading
guided reading
bucket filling
social skills
word wall
quiet time
shared reading
guided math
author’s chair
literacy centers
language centers
math centers
literature circles
circle time
bathroom break
reward time
star student
question of the day
morning message

Most things should be here but If there is something that is not on here I would be happy to add it for you. I like to put them in a pocket chart but you could display them in a variety of ways.....just do what works best for you! 

NOW FOR THE FLASH FREEBIE!  The first five people to pin or tweet one of my new products, leave a comment with the url of the pin or tweet, your name, & email address can pick one of these three products for FREE.

Sorry such a long's just been a l-o-n-g week but now I'm ready for my SUMMER to begin!

Teaching Units Including Many Free Items