Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Totally Tuesday Freebies

I've been too swamped lately to think about my poor, neglected blog let alone a TpT product.  I have been blog stalking lately to find anything and everything for kindergarten.  I have spent so much at TpT...it's bad!  But along the way, I've found some GREAT freebies.  So I have decided that each Tuesday I will be sharing with you all some of the freebies I have found throughout the week!  Tuesdays have always been a tough day for me so freebies just makes Tuesdays a little brighter.  Here are some freebies I found this week (click on the pictures to access the freebie) :

This freebie is from the blog A Day in First Grade.
 I guess we do oceans in kindergarten so I loved this ocean-themed measuring activity plus some sea turtle facts and opinions graphic organizer.  Check out Kristen's blog while you are there.  She has some great activities that she has done with sea turtles....with a darling craft!

As I was blog stalking hopping...I found this site that I literally spent half the day on (you know the ones).  Mrs. T's First Grade Class is an incredible blog!  What I liked the most was her "book activities".  She has some sort of craft/writing assignment for every one!  She even posts her craftivity templates for free.  You've got to check her out!  I loved this Wemberly Worried book activity which comes with a Wemberly craftivity pattern as well as a writing activity to go along with it.  

Real quick...another one she did for The Kissing Hand!

You can't go wrong with Donna at Math Coach's Corner.  She has a link for 69 free card games (K-6)!  Her sight is always amazing and I find something new there daily.

These adorable labels are from Mel Frog Spot.  Everything she does turns to gold :) 

Tessa Maguire has some of her cute clipart for free on TpT.  Above is some cute diamond papers.  No one can ever have too much clipart...right?

That's all for tonight.  I'm going to keep track all week this time of the freebies I find throughout the week (so there will definitely be more...I just can't remember where I found most of mine this week).  See you next Tuesday for more great freebies from fabulous and talented bloggers.

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