Saturday, March 2, 2013

Currently March plus a SHOUT OUT!

I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the March Currently.

Listening to my new favorite show "Vanderpump Rules" on Bravo.....I know..I'm so mature for 40+ year old!

Loving not feeling so sick anymore.  I finished my antibiotics for bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an eye infection yesterday.  I'm finally feeling a tiny bit human again.

About surprising my husband to a "weekend getaway".  I'm going to text a fellow firefighter of his tomorrow to see if he can get him out of work so we can go somewhere on spring break.  He works two days a week (24 hour shifts) but he commutes 150+ miles each way so I don't know his boss so hopefully his friend and I can secretly get him off work for his two shifts during spring break.  If you have some great ideas (in Washington State) to go for a relaxing weekend...please let me know!

Wanting a white tattoo on the inside of my wrist...possibly in another language but means something about everything happens for a reason or the past is behind you.  If you have any ideas or can translate these other languages...let me know.  I'm for sure going to do it...just need the word or phrase.

Needing...a tan!!!  Going to break down and go to a tanning booth in the morning.  It's that bad.  I tried to put some bronzer on this morning and I looked like a clown because even the bronzing powder was too dark...against my pasty skin.

I like skiing but hate being too cold...not a good combination so spring skiing is a must for me.

I absolutely love sweets!  I usually save leftover pie as my favorite breakfast in the morning.

I hate social-climbers.  I'm not into "who's who" or "what status" a person is in but some people truly are.   I love that saying  "When you look at someone, anyone, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that changed them."  It's so true!  And you never know what they are going through at that be kind.

The rule for the last question is that your like, love, and hate all have to begin with the first letter in your first name.  My name is Stephanie so mine begin with all s's

I also want to send a huge SHOUT OUT to some darling friends at Collaboration Cuties.  These girls just started their blog a couple months ago and are celebrating their 300 followers!  They are looking for people to contribute to their big giveaway.  So click on their button and head on over to donate if you would like. I'm donating my newly bundled Weekly Reading Records for Fiction and Non Fiction

 The Collaboration Cuties  girls are absolute dolls and I'm lucky to have become friends with them and am hoping to become better friends as the years go on.  Congrats girlies!

Come back to see me tomorrow and I should have a little surprise ready for you by then. I know this has been circling around Pinterest but this clip was actually played at a professional development (Marzano).  It just reminds you how to always foster a child's self esteem.  Tell them how great they are and they will believe it too.  This video is just too cute to not pass's very short so enjoy!


  1. Omg, that video is adorable! Thank you for sharing =) I also looove Vanderpump Rules.. so much drama!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  2. I was just reading your March Currently. It sounds like you are having the kind of February/March I had last year. First I had pneumonia. I took a round of antibiotics and then I ended up with the flu. A few days after I got over the flu I got pink eye. Ugh! I hope you will be restored to your full health very soon! It's crummy to be sick for that long!

  3. I'm intrigued about Vanderpump Rules. I haven't seen it or heard of it! Going to check it out. Glad you are feeling better. The getaway sounds fun. Hope it works it. (150 miles is far to drive to work!! ) Love the tattoo idea. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I am a firm believer in understanding that everyone has something going on and you never know what it is. Nice reminder today! Thanks for sharing!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  4. A White Tattoo?? I've never seen one. When you get one, let me see please! My hubby wants me to get a tattoo - but I'm terrified of needles. Plus, I have no doubt that I'd get sick of it around age 60.

    Love your new blog design:)

  5. Hi Stephanie!
    I found you through Fifth In The Middle's State Blogs. Love finding another WA teacher! :)

    As for relaxing places in WA...Leavenworth, Long Beach (or anywhere else on the coast), Port Angeles/Hoquiam, Whidbey Island? Good luck planning a suprise for your Hubby! :)

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    Your getaway surprise for your husband sounds so nice - hope it works out.

    I was just thinking about how I need a tan. I'm going to Florida for Spring Break and don't want to scare everyone on the beach with my pasty skin. I've been trying the self-tanner, too - I like the Jergens moisturizer.

    Glad you're feeling better!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  7. Hey Stephanie!

    I just found your blog through Fifth in the Middle's State Blogs. Like, Melinda I also like finding other bloggers in Washington. I'm not sure where you live or how far you are willing to drive but Long Beach (Washington) is always nice. It might be a little chilly though. Spokane has a ton of skiing and hiking. 49 Degress North does a free ski week the 1st week of April (or least they use to)If you have passports Victoria is beautiful and the drive is not very far from Seattle.


    Ms. Richards's Musings

  8. I love the video! So cute! I found your blog through Fifth in the Middle - another Washington blogger here! :) I'd also say the beach - even if it's cold. There's nothing like the sound of the ocean. We have stayed a few times at a nice little house called the TreeFort at Copalis Beach (about 15 min. from Ocean Shores). It's up on a hill so it's not beach front, but you can see the ocean through the trees. We loved it. Hope you find the perfect spot!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  9. I hadn't seen that video in awhile. Thank you for reminding me of it! What a cutie!

    Teaching In Oz


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