Thursday, February 7, 2013


I was wondering what you all use for your TpT products.  I have just been using the traditional 2007 Powerpoint on a PC.  Is there a better program?  Publisher?  I'm just not that techie.  Granted...before this summer I barely knew the ins and outs of saving a pdf.  I'm not would save to my mail downloads, then I couldn't find it and I did not know how to change it to save on my desktop, a certain folder, etc...  I seriously did not know a thing!  I've learned so much since then.  I researched all summer, watched YouTube Videos, googled information, poured over blogs, preparation to start selling on TpT.  I'm a hard worker, but I've never worked so hard during a summer in my life.  I was a machine...the more I learned....the more I wanted to learn. 
 So now I want to invest a little in somethings to make my time...more efficient I guess.  Is there a better computer than the other?  Better programs to use?  
So....I would love your advice!  In fact, the first five people to leave me some good advice will get any item from my TpT store...for free.  I just really appreciate and value all your opinions and want to thank you for your time responding to my questions.  
So bring on the advice! 
 (and when you comment...leave your email address and the unit you would like from my TpT store and I will email you the file).  

Thank you all SO much!


  1. Hey Stephanie!

    I find publisher to be the best for me. It s easy to layer text and images and there are guide lines to help you line graphics or text up with each other. It s super easy to save as a PDF! Also, do you have scissors on your computer? These litte guys save me so much time on previews and blog pics. Any other questions you have, just ask! I'm by no means a pro, but I'm definitely happy to help! :)


  2. Hey there. I am pretty new to making things to sell on TpT, but I have been making my own classroom materials for years. I use Microsoft Publisher. It is very similar to PowerPoint (which I don't use). I got my laptop (dell) pretty inexpensively (refurbished) and got the whole Microsoft Office package through my school district (It's called the Home Use Program) it was only $10 but I had to have a code. Good luck getting it all figured out!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  3. I use Power Point, I personally don't like publisher because I have never really used it, it is very unfamiliar to me. I find Power Point to be easy because I can layer objects, duplicate slides for when making task cards ( I just have to change the problems not redo the cute design), and it is easy to save in PDF. I have 2010 on my Mac and love it. My PP has the guide lines Gabrelle mentioned in her comment. I hope you find something that works best for you, not sure if this is helpful information :)


    1. For some reason I can't get to your email from your blog...would you mind leaving your email address or emailing it to me. I want to give you something from my store for being so kind to comment and give me some great advice. I really needed it and I think I know what I'm going to do now...finally! Thanks again :)

      Stephanie Ann

    2. Glad you found my advice helpful. I would LOVE your Weekly Reading Record, thanks for sharing!


  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my 2010 Powerpoint. I just upgraded when I started my blog and I amazed at how much easier it is to use than Publisher or Printshop. I upgraded from PPT 2003, so I'm not sure how different 07 is from 2010. I think 2013 is out and I'm tempted to upgrade again!! I just love my Powerpoint!

  5. I use Powerpoint...I have not done too many, but that is what I use! Ladybug Teaching Files always has such great tutorials on using powerpoint for products! I use to be a publisher gal, but powerpoint works super well for me! Thanks for the offer of a product... Make an Equivalent Fraction Bot Craftivity! I am getting ready to teach E. Fractions so this will be perfect!


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