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Opinion Writing Craftivity Plus a Blog Exclusive FREEBIE...a Fact & Opinion Scoot Game

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It's a Saturday night and my daughter and I are still in our pj's.  It's just the two of us home tonight.  We just got take out from an italian restaurant and now we're getting ready to watch a movie.  Love days like this.  
With the new Common Core Standards, grades 1-5 are supposed to teach opinion writing.  This is fine with me but there is no curriculum for it and our district just told us we have to "fit it in somewhere" along with our other writing units this year.  So I'm struggling to decipher....when to fit it in as well as what and how to teach it.  I've never taught this form of writing before so I've been researching a lot.  I've decided that I just have to fit it in somewhere in one of my holiday themed units.  There's just not time to take out of our regular writing curriculum to fit it in.  Hopefully next year a writing unit will be taken off our plate so that we have the time to do an entire opinion unit to make sure that it is of higher quality than just fitting it in somewhere. new holiday  unit .......CC Opinion Writing & Craftivity plus Fact/Opinion Scoot Game for Groundhog's Day.  I know Groundhog's Day is not a "big to do" holiday but I thought of a cute idea so we're celebrating it this year in room 9! 
The unit begins with anchor charts and learning about fact & opinion.  When they've got that down, I've created a Fact & Opinion Scoot Game as a quick assessment piece (as well as SO much fun for the kids).  After that we will go into what opinion writing is with some anchor charts as well as an anchor chart on transition words and phrases.  The CCSS standards are specific in that area.  They want the students to use a variety of transition words or phrases to connect their opinion with their reasons and examples.  
The student's prompt is to write a letter explaining their opinion if the groundhog should see his shadow or not.  If they like winter then they want the groundhog to see his shadow and go back into his hole for six more weeks of winter whereas if they want spring to come they write their opinion as to why the groundhog should not see his shadow so that spring is near.  There is an anchor paper for teachers to use for modeling.  It's kind of cute what kids come up with.  Last, they make a craftivity of a groundhog to help display their writing.  The craftivity has two different options.  They make a groundhog with a winter hat if they wrote about six more weeks of winter and they make a flower for their groundhog to hold in their paw if they wrote about wanting spring.  A rubric is also included for scoring and grading purposes.

  This unit is 43 pages and includes:
anchor charts
common core standard correlations for 1st-5th grade
Fact & Opinion Scoot Game
Differentiated Planning Sheets (primary plan & an intermediate plan)
Sample (anchor) Paper for Teacher to use for Modeling
Differentiated Stationary (blackline & color)
Craftivity Templates

Check it out...especially if you are in the same boat of just "fitting opinion writing into your curriculum somewhere" this year.  It's actually really fun for the kids. Just click on the pictures to check it out.  It is extremely reasonably priced for all the work that was put into it.  I really want to provide products that have a  reasonable price for you.  I really put a lot of thought into what my prices would be before listing anything on TpT.  I know most of you are like me and want your students to have the best of the best...spare the cost.  Like you, I have spent thousands of dollars (this year alone) on my classroom.  Many of my students can't afford a lot so I live to spoil them! So basically, I just want you to be able to buy units that meet your curriculum standards without "breaking the bank".
And post title did mention FREEBIE...I'm just a little long winded today :)


 I sincerely appreciate all of you that read my blog, I am going to start offering Blog Exclusive Freebies.  So basically...if you're reading my get a freebie or if you're the first three or so to post a comment..then you get the product...something like that..  I have a lot "in the works" so stay tuned.  Today, your freebie is the Fact & Opinion Scoot Game from my Groundhog's Day Product.  It is a pretty basic fact and opinion game because I wanted it to be differentiated among the grade levels plus my students just aren't getting the concept this year. The game includes 24 fact & opinion cards, student response sheet, and an answer key. Click HERE or one of the pictures below to download this game. I hope it helps you in some way.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. This is SOOO cute! I can't stand it! I am going to have to go through this in my cart. Gail Gibbons also has a super cute Groundhog Book of facts! I like Groundhog Day a lot! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Heidi!
      This idea was kind of out of the blue so I'm glad you like it. Sometimes it's difficult to not have curriculum for a lot of this stuff...I just hope I'm teaching it right :) I also love your blog and TpT store...I'm one of your followers too!

      Have a great Sunday
      Stephanie Ann

  2. So cute!! I love the scoot game!! Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it with us!! We read Groundhog Weather School (we teach weather in 4th). It's a super cute book!!

    Thanks Stephanie!!
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. I'll have to try that book. Wow...we teach a lot of the same things as I teach weather in the spring, the moon (earth & sky), in the winter, etc... That's why I love your store so much...I can always find something related to what I need to teach! I just bought your Neil Armstrong unit and my kids are psyched to get it started (I'm just waiting for the book from Amazon). Thanks girls!

      Stephanie Ann

  3. Thanks for sharing the Fact & Opinion Scoot Game. I just introduced my third graders to Scoot and they enjoyed the movement and learning all at the same time. Your opinion writing unit on Groundhog Day sounds and looks like a winner.
    Thanks again,

  4. I have been so behind on blog reading that I didn't see this... luckily it came up on interest when I searched fact and opinion! I am so excited. I am going to B&N tomorrow to get some books about Groundhog Day and will be grabbing this unit too! Thanks!

  5. I keep getting an error message when trying to download the freebie scoot game. I noticed everyone else is getting it, so maybe I'm too late. If not, can you send it to me if you get the extra time. THANKS!!

  6. I am using this as a recap for fact and opinion with my 2nd graders this Friday. Thank you so much for sharing. The Scoot packet downloads, but it is very blurry and hard to read.


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