Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fractions and an Update

I wish I had something exciting or noteworthy to talk about, but to be honest...I really don't today.  Just have been working hard and not playing hard enough.  We go to the Carrie Underwood concert in a couple of weeks with the girls so that should be fun but that's about it...sorry.  I have a quick update of one of my products plus a super quick freebie for you.  Oh...I thought of something...I just bought the greatest fraction unit from Tonya's Treats for Teachers called Fireside is the whole enchillada has everything!  I'm so excited to start it on Tuesday (we have a non-contract day on Monday :) 

On another note, I re-drew my craftivity for my 

CC Opinion Writing & Craftivity plus Fact/Opinion Scoot Game for Groundhog's Day as my Emma as the model.  I'm starting these with my students next week so they'll be finished by Groundhog's's adorable as well as covers opinion writing..which we have no curriculum for but are expected to teach this year :)

There's also a freebie attached to this.....a FREE Fact and Opinion Scoot Game!  Click HERE to download.
I promise to be back tomorrow and be a little more exciting!  TGIalmostF


  1. Thank you for sharing the Scoot Fact & Opinion cards. I did a "quickie" and determined my kiddos needed a little extra practice on fact and opinion this is perfect timing!

    1. I know...right! I kind of assume sometimes that they know something when...they really need more practice. I'm glad this helped you. I love using Scoot as a quick formative to see "where they are at". It's fun for the kids (they don't even realize I'm assessing them :) Have a great day!

      Stephanie Ann


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