Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clipart Linky Plus Task Cards-Scoot Game

This has got to be a quick post.  It's 7:30 and my daughter's and I are already laying in my cozy bed (hubby's at work...he's a firefighter so he works 24 hour shifts).  I found the perfect linky the other day...hence my "clipart addiction".  Link up at Primary Polka Dots and if you haven't checked out her site...you've got to b/c it's darn cute!

This weekend I also made some Author's Purpose Task Cards & Scoot Game.  We've been working on author's purpose (forgot to take pics...will show you my anchor chart tomorrow).  So I made these task cards as a quick activity to assess where they were at with it.  Task cards can so easily be made into a scoot game so I added directions and a student response sheet so that you can use it as Task Cards, Scoot, or both.

Each task card has the picture of the book cover with title and a short synopsis of the book.  The student then needs to decide if that book is to persuade, to inform, or to entertain.  There are 8 cards of each for a total of 24 task cards.  Also included are the directions to Scoot, a student response sheet, and an answer key.  My kids loved it!  I think they love anything that's made into a game...but really...this was fun for them and it helped me quickly assess the kids who had it and the kids who didn't.
It's time to try to sleep.  I took my melatonin since I hardly ever sleep so hopefully it works.  Going to go snuggle with my girls while the hubby's away.
Remember to grab your free Fact & Opinion Task Cards/Scoot Game HERE.
  Have a great Wednesday (no staff meeting tomorrow...YAY) but...administering my first Dibels....I'll let you know how it goes.  Night!

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