Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Multiplication Freebie

My kids are finishing multiplication.  Here's a freebie of some of the songs we have been singing to learn our multiplication facts.  I hope they're as helpful to you as they have been to me.  I have one more multiplication idea but I have to wait until tomorrow because I want to take pictures...the kids are pumped for this!  Enjoy the freebie.

My students are struggling (but getting much better) at knowing when to divide, multiply, add, or subtract.  So I just made the following task cards plus a scoot game.  Take a look...

Students can either do the task cards during Math Centers, as early finishers, or if you want to use them whole group...you could implement the included Scoot Game.  I actually used the Scoot Game version as an assessment to pick my guided math groups for next week.  I hope you all have a great Wednesday tomorrow....Woot! Woot! No staff meeting!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Confess....I'm Hooked....

I have to confess that I am now hooked.........on making lapbooks!  They are just so much fun to make as well as extremely educational.  We did one last week on division and I think my students learned more than they have all year!  I even switched with another 3rd grade teacher in my building and did some of it with their class as well.  So that inspired me (on my three day weekend)  Yes, we have another three dayer due to "record's day".  It's a non-contract day but it's just nice to have in dreary January.  We NEVER get snow days here....it could snow two feet and they'd still have us come to school...and on time to boot!  So these chippy days every now and then are nice to have.
Sorry...back to the the topic at hand....Lapbooks.  I was then inspired to try my own hand at one for President's Day.  Check it out...

Granted...these are only samples made by me and not the "finished product" from one of my little darlings.  Their finished product will hopefully have more color, pictures, and designs.  There's also a lot of clipart up close that you just can't see.  I got the cutest sets for President's Day from Scrappin Doodles, KPM Doodles, and Ashley Hughes....just adorable...I wish you could see them better.  I just put one together really quick to show you and to make sure all the foldables went together as planned.  Now I'm inspired to do them for everything! 

So...the first two people leave a comment with their email will get this unit....for FREE!

  I'm off to watch the Housewives and start making another lapbook.  Have a great week.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fractions and an Update

I wish I had something exciting or noteworthy to talk about, but to be honest...I really don't today.  Just have been working hard and not playing hard enough.  We go to the Carrie Underwood concert in a couple of weeks with the girls so that should be fun but that's about it...sorry.  I have a quick update of one of my products plus a super quick freebie for you.  Oh...I thought of something...I just bought the greatest fraction unit from Tonya's Treats for Teachers called Fireside Fractions...it is the whole enchillada all...it has everything!  I'm so excited to start it on Tuesday (we have a non-contract day on Monday :) 

On another note, I re-drew my craftivity for my 

CC Opinion Writing & Craftivity plus Fact/Opinion Scoot Game for Groundhog's Day as my Emma as the model.  I'm starting these with my students next week so they'll be finished by Groundhog's Day....it's adorable as well as covers opinion writing..which we have no curriculum for but are expected to teach this year :)

There's also a freebie attached to this.....a FREE Fact and Opinion Scoot Game!  Click HERE to download.
I promise to be back tomorrow and be a little more exciting!  TGIalmostF

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday FREEBIE Banner

I had to go to Seattle today for a doctor's appointment (about 3 hours away) so now I'm in a hotel room by myself...no kids..no husband.  Feels weird but oh so relaxing.  Just ate room service and now I'm just lounging and watching tv.  You know my obsession with banners....well another holiday is approaching so a Valentine's Banner is a necessity...right?  So...your Friday Freebie is a Valentine banner....mustaches included if you want...if you don't...just don't put those banners up.  Click HERE or one of the pictures for your freebie.... Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Mus-Tache-You to be my Valentine Cards

Mustaches are "all the rage" right now.  My students love them and I just bought my girls some cute mustache shirts the other day...even my teenager likes them so they must be ok because she doesn't like much of anything these days...especially if I like them :) 
 So I found the most adorable mustache clip art  and I've been racking my brain to figure out something to make with them.  The first thought I had was... Valentine's Day and tada.....my new Valentine's Day cards for my students!  I'm so excited to give them out...I hope I can wait until Valentine's Day. They will love them and hopefully think I'm the "hippest teacher ever!"  Check them out HERE or click on one of the pictures!  In fact, the first two people to leave me a comment with their email address...gets them for free.

There are:
-four different glitter backgrounds-
-six different mustaches-
-two different sayings-
1.  I  mus-tache-you to be my Valentine
2.  Have a fan-tache-tic Valentine's Day

I hope you like them as much as I do...come back tomorrow for a FREE Valentine's Day banner!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clipart Linky Plus Task Cards-Scoot Game

This has got to be a quick post.  It's 7:30 and my daughter's and I are already laying in my cozy bed (hubby's at work...he's a firefighter so he works 24 hour shifts).  I found the perfect linky the other day...hence my "clipart addiction".  Link up at Primary Polka Dots and if you haven't checked out her site...you've got to b/c it's darn cute!

This weekend I also made some Author's Purpose Task Cards & Scoot Game.  We've been working on author's purpose (forgot to take pics...will show you my anchor chart tomorrow).  So I made these task cards as a quick activity to assess where they were at with it.  Task cards can so easily be made into a scoot game so I added directions and a student response sheet so that you can use it as Task Cards, Scoot, or both.

Each task card has the picture of the book cover with title and a short synopsis of the book.  The student then needs to decide if that book is to persuade, to inform, or to entertain.  There are 8 cards of each for a total of 24 task cards.  Also included are the directions to Scoot, a student response sheet, and an answer key.  My kids loved it!  I think they love anything that's made into a game...but really...this was fun for them and it helped me quickly assess the kids who had it and the kids who didn't.
It's time to try to sleep.  I took my melatonin since I hardly ever sleep so hopefully it works.  Going to go snuggle with my girls while the hubby's away.
Remember to grab your free Fact & Opinion Task Cards/Scoot Game HERE.
  Have a great Wednesday (no staff meeting tomorrow...YAY) but...administering my first Dibels....I'll let you know how it goes.  Night!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Opinion Writing Craftivity Plus a Blog Exclusive FREEBIE...a Fact & Opinion Scoot Game

Before I get started, I wanted to let you know about an incredible giveaway!  I mean amazing!  Click on the picture to take you to Rockin Teacher's Flash Drive Giveaway!

It's a Saturday night and my daughter and I are still in our pj's.  It's just the two of us home tonight.  We just got take out from an italian restaurant and now we're getting ready to watch a movie.  Love days like this.  
With the new Common Core Standards, grades 1-5 are supposed to teach opinion writing.  This is fine with me but there is no curriculum for it and our district just told us we have to "fit it in somewhere" along with our other writing units this year.  So I'm struggling to decipher....when to fit it in as well as what and how to teach it.  I've never taught this form of writing before so I've been researching a lot.  I've decided that I just have to fit it in somewhere in one of my holiday themed units.  There's just not time to take out of our regular writing curriculum to fit it in.  Hopefully next year a writing unit will be taken off our plate so that we have the time to do an entire opinion unit to make sure that it is of higher quality than just fitting it in somewhere.
Hence.....my new holiday  unit .......CC Opinion Writing & Craftivity plus Fact/Opinion Scoot Game for Groundhog's Day.  I know Groundhog's Day is not a "big to do" holiday but I thought of a cute idea so we're celebrating it this year in room 9! 
The unit begins with anchor charts and learning about fact & opinion.  When they've got that down, I've created a Fact & Opinion Scoot Game as a quick assessment piece (as well as SO much fun for the kids).  After that we will go into what opinion writing is with some anchor charts as well as an anchor chart on transition words and phrases.  The CCSS standards are specific in that area.  They want the students to use a variety of transition words or phrases to connect their opinion with their reasons and examples.  
The student's prompt is to write a letter explaining their opinion if the groundhog should see his shadow or not.  If they like winter then they want the groundhog to see his shadow and go back into his hole for six more weeks of winter whereas if they want spring to come they write their opinion as to why the groundhog should not see his shadow so that spring is near.  There is an anchor paper for teachers to use for modeling.  It's kind of cute what kids come up with.  Last, they make a craftivity of a groundhog to help display their writing.  The craftivity has two different options.  They make a groundhog with a winter hat if they wrote about six more weeks of winter and they make a flower for their groundhog to hold in their paw if they wrote about wanting spring.  A rubric is also included for scoring and grading purposes.

  This unit is 43 pages and includes:
anchor charts
common core standard correlations for 1st-5th grade
Fact & Opinion Scoot Game
Differentiated Planning Sheets (primary plan & an intermediate plan)
Sample (anchor) Paper for Teacher to use for Modeling
Differentiated Stationary (blackline & color)
Craftivity Templates

Check it out...especially if you are in the same boat of just "fitting opinion writing into your curriculum somewhere" this year.  It's actually really fun for the kids. Just click on the pictures to check it out.  It is extremely reasonably priced for all the work that was put into it.  I really want to provide products that have a  reasonable price for you.  I really put a lot of thought into what my prices would be before listing anything on TpT.  I know most of you are like me and want your students to have the best of the best...spare the cost.  Like you, I have spent thousands of dollars (this year alone) on my classroom.  Many of my students can't afford a lot so I live to spoil them! So basically, I just want you to be able to buy units that meet your curriculum standards without "breaking the bank".
And yes....my post title did mention FREEBIE...I'm just a little long winded today :)


 I sincerely appreciate all of you that read my blog, I am going to start offering Blog Exclusive Freebies.  So basically...if you're reading my blog...you get a freebie or if you're the first three or so to post a comment..then you get the product...something like that..  I have a lot "in the works" so stay tuned.  Today, your freebie is the Fact & Opinion Scoot Game from my Groundhog's Day Product.  It is a pretty basic fact and opinion game because I wanted it to be differentiated among the grade levels plus my students just aren't getting the concept this year. The game includes 24 fact & opinion cards, student response sheet, and an answer key. Click HERE or one of the pictures below to download this game. I hope it helps you in some way.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LOTS of Array Freebies!

My poor little neglected blog...:(  I'm sorry it's been a week.  I've never felt so overwhelmed in my life.  I just can't seen to get everything to "click" into place no matter how hard I work.  I think my type a personality must have a little to do with it.  If I start writing a page and I don't like something like my letter formation, etc...I will rip out the page and start another one...even in my own personal journal...now that's sad.  I guess I just like things how I like them :)
I've been crazy busy in the classroom lately too.  It seems like I haven't sat down until 6 or 7 o'clock for the last few weeks.  You know when you get that overwhelming dread that testing is soon approaching and your students are nowhere near ready??? That's me!  My kids are still working on multiplication and division.  I thought we'd be done by now but no such luck.  Today a fellow teacher and I planned an intervention for those kiddos who were still struggling with arrays.  I took the "struggling" group.  We drew them, graphed them, chanted them, played games with them (thanks to the amazing, Mary at Pitner's Potpourri).   This woman is amazing and makes the most wonderful games and activities...for free!  She had four perfect array games (Rounding Up 
Arrays, Skating Around Arrays, Falling Into Arrays, & Hip Hip Array) plus a great assessment for the end of the intervention.  I even sent a couple of the games home with some students that are still struggling.  Thank you Mary...you are a doll!
Your last array freebie is a quick craftivity I created on the fly one day.  Each child gets a sun, makes an array from a random flash card I handed out, writes an "array of sunshine" multiplication sentence, and an "array of sunshine" story problem to go with their array.  You can click on the pictures or grab a copy for free HERE.

  I hope it helps you in some way.  Like I said...I did it on the fly so if you have any questions, just send me a message and I'll try and help you all I can.
I promise to be a better blogger this week and look for my new Opinion Writing Groundhogs Day Craftivity (comes with posters, anchor charts, planning template, scoot game, modeling examples, and an adorable groundhog craft).  It should be ready in my store on Saturday if you're interested.  I'll "blog" you when I finish.  
Take care of yourselves and have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Missing my Christmas Break & a Currently...

I admit it...I'm a little sad today as I had to go back to school today.  Don't get me wrong...I missed my kiddos and were glad to see them but I missed my jammies, blog hopping, making fun units, and just being home with my family.  It didn't help that the kiddos were a tad bit naughty today...nothing major...just had a hard time listening.  I guess I can relate...they just miss their freedom :)  Enough of that...let's get on to the January edition of Currently by

I just love reading all of your Currently's.  In fact, I won Farley's Currently for the Classroom in a giveaway. Check them out HERE.  I can't wait to use it...I'll post pictures of the cute ones.  Night all!

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