Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Multiple Christmas Trees

So it's late again and I can't sleep so I decided to write a quickie on my dearly neglected blog.  It's report card time here so as you know...I've been a "little" busy.  If you haven't picked up my new Persuasive Writing Craftivity....Don't Eat the are not too late. 
Preview of Unit
Table of Contents
Common Core I can Statement for your Learning Target.
This is the sign your Gingerbread Craftivity holds.

 This is the perfect writing idea for the week before winter break and it also includes a craftivity...which is so cute.  My students aren't quite there yet on their writing so I'll post pictures as we go along. 

Currently in my class we are doing a lot of different Christmas Units.....YaY for TpT Sale!  I will show you my purchased units tomorrow.  We did do Multiple Christmas Trees yesterday.  I gave the students some tree templates copied on green construction paper.  I then used the good ole die cutter to make stars for each student with a number from 2-9 on each one.  That was to be their multiple (which we made an anchor chart for (Sorry...forgot to take a picture of this).  Their next direction was to make ornaments with a number written on it that was the multiple of their star on top of their tree.  This easy activity really taught them a lot about multiples and helped me pull a group of kids who weren't "getting it".

Multiples of 2 Christmas Tree

Multiples of 9 Christmas Tree

As soon as I finish gathering my files for this project I'll give you the link to download.'s finally time to hit the sack!  See you tomorrow....


  1. Super cute! Just wanted to let you know we are now following you!!

    Collaboration Cuties @ Cutesy Clickables
    Amanda and Stacia

    1. I love you guys! You have the greatest stuff in your TpT store...If you don't mind...I'd like to give you a shout out this weekend on my blog. I don't have very many followers yet but I just think you have some great ideas that people should be aware of. I just saw your email so I'm emailing you back right after this post. Let me know if a shout out is ok with you :)

      Stephanie Ann

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    I really miss doing Christmas...we can't really do it because of our diverse population of students. No Christmas trees, Santas or even reindeer. Gingerbread is okay I think. We are knee-deep into realistic fiction right now, but I love your Gingerbread Persuasive writing activity...I hope it is selling well for you.

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles

    1. That's so rough when you can't teach things that are so much fun for kids. I really feel for you. I tried to message you last week but I don't know if it went through. I would like to send you the file to my Gingerbread Writing Unit. I just think you are a neat person...we are so much alike in some of our cracks me up :) You can email me at if this is ok with you...then I'll have your email to send you the file.



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