Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Freebie...Finally!

As I'm finally feeling better, I've had a chance to finish a couple of my products that have been in the works.  One is a Snowman Glyph Craftivity with Compare and Contrast Writing Activity.  I love doing glyphs but I always want to tie in some academic component.  Basically...I like to get a lot of bang for my buck or kill two birds with one stone!  Comparing and Contrasting is always a difficult concept for my students.  In my district, the language of how it needs to be written is very specific.  If the student uses pronouns instead of the actual nouns, we have to count it wrong.  For example... If the students read and article about whales and fish and wrote..."They are the same because...." we would have to  mark it wrong because they didn't specify what "they" is.  Contrasting is also a bugger because they have to contrast two things with the words "whereas" of "but" as the connector.  They may not put "and" or it is marked wrong.  For needs to be written. " Whales and fish are different because whales.......WHEREAS fish......". 
In this unit, it is up to you as to the language you accept or don't accept but I wrote the examples with that specific language just in case you have the same expectations in your district.  It's good to teach with high expectations anyway and is always exciting to me when they reach that expectation.
My students used to DREAD comparing and contrasting as well as summarizing until I started using glyph craftivities to accompany them.  Now they beg to compare and contrast :)  Here is a preview that you can check out at my TpT store by clicking the picture.


Pieces for snowman Craftivitiy

Venn Diagram for Comparing and Contrasting

Along with this unit, I finished some Weekly Reading Records (5 different ones) with Comprehension Activities to accompany each night's reading.  I made a preview FREEBIE for you to check out HERE.  If you're interested in more of them you can check them out by clicking the pictures below.

Weekly Reading Record


Have a fantastic weekend!  Especially for those of you that are just getting off for Christmas Vacation.


  1. I love your glyph ideas. I have them in my cart to buy before I go back to school! How do you add the pin it tag underneath? I love it!


  2. Thank you for the "Weekly Reading Record" freebie; it's a perfect one for my class this year. (The rubric is an added & valuable bonus.)

  3. Thanks for the reading record freebie. I love it.


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