Monday, November 12, 2012


Better late than never, but I finally finished my Thanksgiving Math Centers...Turkeylicious!  I plan to do them over the next week and then again the entire morning before Thanksgiving.  That day is a half day, so I'm going to throw my student's pajama breakfast and have a "Turkeylicious Center Day."  In this packet is all the things I want my students to practice while I'm teaching new skills.  Turkeylicious includes the following centers:   addition (Add it Up) - subtraction (Zero the Hero) - rounding (Round & Round) - cute Thanksgiving dinner themed multiplication 1's-5's (Clear your Plate) - pumpkin pie greater than less than (Winner Takes All) - pumpkin pie fractions (Part of a Whole).  The best thing about these centers are the ease of preparation.  Centers always freak me out because there is so much prep work so instead of cutting out tons of game pieces, the students cut and carry their own 1-9 number cards.  They then manipulate numbers according to the directions in the center to complete their recording sheet.  From there, they take their cards to the next center, and so on.  It's SO easy!  I can't wait to introduce them kids will be so excited! You can find them here.

Turkeylicious Math Center
I apologize for ignoring my blog the last few days.  What is that saying've got too many irons in the fire???  I have so  many new units going (it's almost the end of the trimester so I'm preparing for 2nd Trimester).  It was also one of my daughter's tenth birthday. So we celebrated by renting a room at a local motel with a few a her friends...lots of swimming and giggling :)
Have a great 4 day week!

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  1. Hey Stephanie! I love your math centers! Can you email me at I have a favor to ask :)
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