Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Schedule Posters

It's going to be hard to get used to going back to school after my surgery leave ends in a few weeks.  I get my girls ready for school, make lunches, clean a little, and then the day is mine to work on more activities for my classroom.  I've already went through two entire print cartridges in the last two months!  I'm also working on some big units.  One unit incorporates The Comprehension Toolkit by Stephanie Harvey. My second one is a Christmas themed owl pack.  I got the cutest holiday owls and digital paper from etsy....adorable!  Here's a couple organizational items I worked on yesterday.  If there's something you are really wanting but don't have the time, I can work on them for you while I still have a few weeks off.  So just let me know what you'ld like and I'll get on it.  Hope you all had a great day at school.  I miss my thirdsters, but my family is loving me being home.

Daily Schedule Poster

Stephanie Ann

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